WE’RE PROUD TO be a STEELCASE platinum partner

Steelcase designs innovative products inspired by cutting-edge research, developed to meet the needs of people within agile and varied work and education settings.

We’re proud to be a Steelcase Platinum Partner, working with businesses, universities and individuals across the Midlands and beyond to introduce their transformative, world-leading products into the workplace.

You may know exactly which product you require, or perhaps you’d like some further guidance from one of our Steelcase furniture experts. Either way, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Looking for something specific?

cutting edge insights

Steelcase regularly conducts global research on current work trends and preferences that inform the products they design.

The Steelcase website is the best place to read more on these trends and learn about how to create environments that support people to work better.

From podcasts to white papers to articles, it’s all there.

STEELCASE Research + Insights

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Ground breaking products


From ergonomic office chairs that respond to the unique movements of your body to lounge systems for collaboration spaces, Steelcase offers stylish yet highly functional products for all manner of working styles.

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DESKS + Workstations

The selection of desks available from Steelcase range from highly ergonomic, height-adjustable options for individuals to benching for communcal spaces. All are designed to make users feel more “at home” in the workplace.

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Architecture + space division

Essential for creating modern, beautiful, flexible workspaces that work in the ways your people need them to.

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Stylish yet highly functional cupboards and storage cabinets designed to complement the design of any office or classroom..

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The finishing touches that create spaces that people are compelled to use and spend time in.

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Our Process

Our 4-step process takes care of every aspect of your office. depending on your needs, the steps are available as a complete package, or as individual services.

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