Workplace Consultancy

What’s your company’s most important asset?

Well, even the hardest-nosed businessperson is programmed to answer…. My people!

Workplace consultancy is a data-driven process that equips you ready to create a workspace to support your people and your business to achieve its aims and ambitions.

It helps your business to ensure your people have every resource and every opportunity to bring their core skills into focus so they can deliver their best work.

A focus on wellbeing

A truly great workplace looks after the wellbeing of the people that use it. To understand what that means for your business, we delve into your team, culture, space and processes to uncover insights that will form your unique workplace strategy.

This gives you the information you need to create a design brief for a space where your people perform at their best. That’s why we create inspiring spaces for human beings, rather than corporate layouts for companies and their employees.

So how do we understand what makes your people happy, healthy, and productive?


Talk to a workplace design consultant

Capture workplace data

First, we capture data to uncover issues before they become problems. We’re proud to partner with WeThrive to capture data, from wherever your people are working, on aspects such as wellbeing, engagement, productivity and workplace culture.

Provide analysis

It’s time to analyse the data. This allows us to understand where your organisation is now in terms of the things that may be affecting employee wellbeing, happiness or performance.


Create an intervention plan

Proactively tacking issues before they become bigger problems is the name of the game here. Our workplace design consultants look at the findings from your data and create intervention plans to set your people up for future success.

Inform your workplace design

Your workplace design can have a massive impact on the mood, productivity, and creativity of your team. We use the insights we’ve gathered to provide recommendations on design aspects that’ll provide the resources your people need to achieve their goals.


The result

Workplace strategy

We use our insights to create a bespoke workplace strategy for your business. Outputs can include an Agile Headcount Analysis, Adjacency Mapping for a new space, or potential policy changes. Now we’re fully equipped to start designing your perfect workspace.

Change management

Change can be a daunting process and can cause individuals to feel uncertain about how it will impact them. At this stage in the workplace consultancy process we know your team, so are perfectly placed to support your business through the people side of your workplace transformation with regular communication to create a positive experience.


Make Your Space Work For Your Business

How does a workplace strategy benefit your business?

Your People

  • Provide a space that meets your peoples’ needs
  • Support mental health and wellbeing
  • Drive creativity and productivity
  • Improve communication and collaboration

Your Workplace

  • Make better use of available space
  • Promote agile and flexible working
  • Impress clients and visitors
  • Support business aims

Your Business

  • Reflect your desired company culture
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Achieve sustainable cost reductions
  • Increase profitability

Our Process

Our 4-step process takes care of every aspect of your office. depending on your needs, the steps are available as a complete package, or as individual services.

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Blueprint 4 step process