5th Sep 2019

How Much Does it Cost to Fit Out an Office?

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Asking how much an office fit out costs is a little bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’.

But have no fear! We’re here to help you understand the costs associated with the office fit out process, and how you can go about setting a realistic budget for what you’re looking to achieve.

Where do I start when planning a fit out?

Arguably the most important, and often overlooked, part of the office fit out process is the ‘planning bit’.

You can spend money renovating your space but you won’t truly understand what’s going to improve your peoples’ working lives without assessing what you currently have first.

Getting a workplace consultant to advise on the steps to take to create a healthier, happier workplace is worth the investment. They’ll get to know your business inside out, ask about your processes, what your space is used for (or needs to be used for), and help you to spend your budget in the most effective way.

Grant funding for your fit out project

If you’re a business based in the Midlands (as we are!), there are currently various pots of funding that you can draw from to bump up your existing budget to realise a higher standard of fit out in your workplace.

The ROI in both human (i.e. wellbeing) and financial terms (the result of happy, productive people) of investing that bit more can be transformational for a business. Find out more by reading our blog on funding for Midlands businesses.


It’s always hard to budget when you’re doing something for the first time, so here are some indicative costs for different types and standards of fit out.

Of course, offices vary massively in terms of usage and function, so there are many possibilities when it comes to the outcome of a fit out project.

As a rough rule of thumb, a comprehensive refurbishment project which includes a reception, a variety of meeting rooms, a café/tea point, new furniture, new air conditioning etc. could range from £40-£70 per square foot. So a typical 5,000 square foot office might require a budget of £200-£350K depending on the level of finish.

Basic office fit out costs per sq. ft

We’d call it a basic fit out if an office needs a minor fit out and is already prepared to Cat A standard, (unfurnished with all the basics like lighting and sockets installed). The space would also require a basic level of décor and furniture.

Basic fit out cost per sq. ft: £35-£45

Mid-level office fit out costs per sq. ft

As the name suggests, a mid-level fit out is higher spec than basic, with a lot more scope for creating an inspiring working environment for your people.

If the space would benefit from structural changes, this can be incorporated into the budget too.

Investing a bit more for a mid-level fit out means you can make significant improvements to the design of your space, as well as providing higher quality ergonomic furniture, lighting (read more about how lighting and wellbeing are linked), flooring, acoustics, tech etc.

Mid-level fit out cost per sq. ft: £45-£65

High spec office fit out costs per sq. ft

Going for a high spec workplace fit out gives your business the opportunity to make a real statement with its premises. There isn’t necessarily a top-end budget for this scope, but you’re looking at £65+.

When you’re investing in this type of fit out (or spending any money changing your workplace) it’s important to identify what your money could be spent on and how this will improve the lives of your people. This higher budget allows you to do this more effectively, with bespoke furniture and joinery, making structural changes, and including other elements that’ll truly transform your workspace to meet the unique needs of your people, and the organisation as a whole.

High spec fit out cost per sq. ft: £65+

The ROI of an office fit out

You may have been tasked with delivering a basic office fit out, but the ROI for a business creating a more inspiring and fit-for-purpose workspace for your people can be unprecedented.

If you’re thinking about a project, we can give you advice and guidance on design, furniture, tech, budgets and more with a free workplace assessment. All you need to do is fill out the form below, or call us on 01530 223111.


Chloe Sproston

Creative and Commercial Director