31st May 2019

Workplace Consultancy Benefits: Defining the Perfect Office Environment

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You’ll often hear us chatting about office design and why it’s important to have a workplace that fosters happiness and productivity in your people. But what you don’t always hear us talking about is the ‘workplace consultancy’ bit. Yes, you’ve guessed it, that’s about to change.

Because to design and build an office space that’ll help your organisation to fulfil its potential, you need to do the thinking first.

Now before you run away, because let’s face it ’workplace consultancy’ isn’t the most exciting term, we promise that you may actually enjoy reading this blog – and learn how it really does bring some amazing benefits along the way too.

What is workplace consultancy?

As with most terms relating to particular industries, workplace consultancy doesn’t mean much to anyone who doesn’t work in it. So here we are, letting you in on a little ‘industry secret’ if you can call it that!

Workdesign Magazine describes a well-designed office as a “tangible narrative of a company’s goals, culture, branding, community, and the ways in which that company meets its employees’ needs and caters to their work ethics.” It can be tricky to look at your business objectively to decide how to achieve this, so this is where a workplace consultancy comes in.

What does it mean in practice?

Well, whichever workplace consultancy you’re working with will start by reaching a full understanding of your company. This means looking at your activities, brand and culture before creating the perfect design for your space.

For our team, this involves discovery workshops where we get to understand the ‘ins and outs’ of your business, your teams and how everything works together.

The information uncovered at this stage gives the basis for turning your business home into a beautifully-designed space that supports your organisation, impresses visitors and is somewhere your people love to work.

What Are The Main workplace consultancy benefits?

We’ve already touched on how it can help you create an optimised workspace that promotes wellbeing and happiness. But what are the other benefits?

Creating a collaborative community

Steelcase says that “collaboration fuels innovation — you can’t create good ideas without it.” So by considering every element of your business and how the pieces fit together, you can create a physical environment that supports and enhances this. We completely agree that collaboration can be the root of the best business innovations, and more importantly, it makes work an enjoyable place to be!

Attracting and retaining staff

Creating an inspiring design can enhance the experience of being in an office. If the experience your workplace provides is a positive one, it’s a massive plus for your people. It’s just one factor in attracting and retaining great staff, but it’s a pretty important one.

Living your brand values

There’s nothing more motivating than working in a business where every person lives and breathes their values on a daily basis. When you have a workplace designed to complement and enhance this, your staff and visitors will be able to see and feel what your organisation stands for from the very minute they walk through the door.

Providing a space that works for everyone

People are different, it’s a fact of life. So understanding how to cater to a range of work preferences and behaviours in your space is essential. Giving staff more power to choose how they prefer to work throughout their day can be motivating, but it’s important that your company culture supports this too.

Improving the performance of your current space

Simple changes can have a huge impact on your working environment. Common problems that can be resolved through workplace consultancy include making better use of existing space, improving lighting and reducing noise. All issues that you may not have realised were affecting your people’s enjoyment at work.

Building the perfect working environment

Not only can you create a space that’ll perform now, but when you consider the future your space can be primed for a growing team too. If you’re moving into an empty space you can turn a blank canvas into a workplace built to suit your company and its unique needs and objectives.

Looking to transform your workplace?

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