Technology FOR EDUCATIONal buildings

Our experience designing and delivering workspaces for schools and other education providers has shown us just how important integrated technology solutions are to today’s staff and students.

We understand how essential it is for schools, colleges, academies and universities to keep up with advances in the digital world, not to mention curriculum changes and budget constraints.

We work with technology specialists, TecInteractive, to help you to identify the solutions that will set your school, college, academy or university apart from your competitors. Get in touch with our team today.

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Technology for Schools

Stand out from other institutions by improving the digital capacity of your school, offering engaging tech solutions for your students and staff.

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SMART White Boards

Digital SMART Boards open up new possibilities for interactive classroom teaching, inspiring students and bringing learning to life.

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Non-touch HD Displays

An alternative to interactive white boards, these non-touch displays offer a more affordable solution to an engaging classroom learning experience.


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Our living offices and showroom, Worklife Central, showcases a range of technology options for you to try in a real working environment. Let our expert team help you define what you want from the technology in your institution and arrange a visit today.

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