28th Jun 2022

Team Spotlight: Rebecca – Project Designer and Wellbeing Specialist

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It’s time to take you behind the scenes again to get to know another one of our team. It’s our Project Designer and Wellbeing Specialist, Rebecca Beadle’s turn to tell you about herself, her role, and life at Blueprint Interiors.

Could you tell us a little bit about your role?

So I’m the Project Designer and Wellbeing Specialist here at Blueprint Interiors, and I work with the rest of the design team to guide our clients through the entire design process. All the way from initial meetings, to briefs and project presentations, through to the final fit out process. I guide clients through 3D design models, material samples and full drawing packs in order to give them touchpoints throughout the process.

Aside from my design work, I also serve as Blueprint Interiors’ Wellbeing Specialist. I did my WELL Accredited Practitioner exam last August, and now I’m in the process of resubmitting Work Life Central for the WELL Building Standard accreditation this July. I also help our clients and partners through the accreditation process too.

What has been a personal highlight from your time so far at Blueprint Interiors?

Honestly, it’s incredibly hard to pick just one highlight, as all the work we do here is so rewarding. A recent one that stands out though is our work with Futures Housing. We’d previously worked on their ‘touchdown points’ which allow mobile teams to come together and work collaboratively. And then the recent project was the fit out of their new head office earlier this year, so it was great to see the years and years of work come to life on this!

What is your favourite part about working at Blueprint Interiors?

I think it’s really great to be in a space which demonstrates what we actually do! I’ve worked in other offices where we’re we’ve been giving all this design advice to people about flexible furniture and everything, but in reality I was just sitting on a stationary chair!

So it’s really refreshing to be in such an inspirational place, and with such a great team around us too, it helps us live and breathe what we’re helping others to do.

What is your favourite piece of furniture in WorkLife Central?

It’s not necessarily a single piece of furniture, but my favourite kind of quiet working space is the high Steelcase Series 1 office chair with a high table and screen. It’s set up behind the boardroom in the corner, so that’s a nice quiet place where it’s good to go and focus.

What is your favourite part of the fit-out process?

I think the whole process to be honest! There’s so much involved with each stage, and each part is integral for it all to come together in the end, so one part doesn’t really stand out from the rest. Obviously the first impressions and final handover are always fun, and seeing the client and their employees’ reactions never gets old!

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that people might not know?

So, the team here at Blueprint already know this, but I actually compete in numerous horse-riding events around the Midlands, from eventing, to dressage and show jumping. It’s hard work but great fun!


Rebecca Beadle

Lead Project Designer & Wellbeing Specialist