8th Feb 2024

Team Spotlight: Project Administration Assistant, Francesca

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At Blueprint Interiors, every day brings new challenges, variety, and exciting opportunities. Our team spotlight series gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of the company.

This time we sat down with our Project Administration Assistant, Francesca, who recently passed her level three apprenticeship in business administration with flying colours.

In this Q&A, Francesca tells us more about her role and other insights into the various stages of our project process.

What’s your day-to-day like at Blueprint?

“I’ve just completed my level three apprenticeship in business administration. So I look at things behind the scenes like managing suppliers, supporting our site setups, and placing furniture orders.”
What’s your favourite part of the role?

“My favourite part of the role is the variety. There are so many different things I get to be involved in, so I’m always learning new things.”

What is the most exciting part of an office design project?

“I’m not directly involved in the front line of projects, but I do get to see a lot of the stuff happening behind the scenes.

I love the furniture aspect of projects as I think that when the furniture goes into a space it pulls everything together.

Seeing a building go from a shell to a fully furnished space is also really great. I recently visited Melton Building Society’s office and that was amazing to see as it was one of Blueprint’s largest projects we’d done at the time.

I love seeing the completed spaces in person as so much goes into each one, and the pictures don’t always do it justice!”

What’s the best thing about working with Blueprint?

“The best part about working with Blueprint is the team, it feels like a family. All throughout my apprenticeship, I felt so supported and motivated to be successful.

We also do things like throw each other birthday parties. When I turned 18 the team decorated the office with lots of balloons and we had cake, it was a really nice surprise.”

Which area of WorkLife Central do you like most?

“I’d probably say the Loft. I love the navy blues and the more natural furniture with the nice natural colours.

It feels cosy but you can also change it around to make it anything you want it to be. It suits every type of meeting because all the furniture is movable.

There’s been an uprising in companies creating wellbeing spaces in their offices with more comfortable furniture for people to use which is nice to see.

It’s a lot different to the desks and chairs people are used to but I think it’s a positive change.”

Which part of the project process do you like most?

“Again, I’d say it’s the furniture that makes spaces shine.

When the contracts team are on site and they send us pictures before the furniture has gone in, and then when you see it installed, it’s like a completely different building.”

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far?

“I’m early in my career but I think the most important thing I’ve learnt is to make people feel welcome.

So when we’ve got guests coming in, whether they’re suppliers or clients, just to make them feel comfortable in our space and that it’s a place to share. It’s not just our office, it’s a sharing space.”

Tell us a fact that people might not know about you.

“I was a dancer for six years and performed at the London Palladium. I don’t dance any more but would love to get back into it in future.”


Francesca Curry

Project Administration Assistant