16th Jan 2024

You’re Invited: Learn How to Create a Workplace Fit for Future Workforces

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Achieving a high-performing workplace filled with content and motivated individuals is the ultimate goal.

Wondering how to make it happen? It all starts with crafting an office environment that equips your team with the tools they need for optimal performance.

Join us on Monday 12 February 2024 for an exciting collaborative event titled “Designing Tomorrow’s Workplace: A Blueprint for Innovation” which is being held at The Innovation Centre at De Montfort University (DMU) as part of The 2024 Leicester Innovation Festival.

This event is a collaboration between DMU, Blueprint Interiors, Steelcase and It’s Time for Change. This dynamic session will delve into:

  • Elements to consider when designing workplace where people actively want to spend time
  • What global research tells us about how we can help people do their best work in the many places that work happens
  • Cultivating a joyful workplace environment
  • The link between physical workplaces and psychological wellbeing
  • Strategies and insights on building a work environment that amplifies productivity, happiness and job satisfaction

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What is the event about?

At the event, our Chairman & Founder, Rob, and Creative Director, Chloe, will shed light on Blueprint Interiors’ impactful initiatives in empowering companies to shape workspaces that spark happiness, motivation, and heightened productivity.

As a leading innovator in workplace design, our team is dedicated to building environments that inspire creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being. Rob and Chloe will discuss how we focus on sustainability, ergonomic design, and cutting-edge technology to ensure that each project goes way beyond ‘looking nice’ to create a workplace where people actively want to be.

Alongside Rob and Chloe will be Kris Newcane of Steelcase, a global design and thought leader in the world of work, whose design and manufacture of innovative furnishings and solutions help people do their best work in the many places where work happens.

We will also be joined by Lis Ku, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at De Montfort University, who will explore the intricacies of cultivating a joyful workplace environment. Leveraging expertise in well-being, Ku will share unique insights into the dynamic interplay between physical workspaces and individuals’ psychological well-being.

Lisa from It’s Time for Change will also be there to delve into the Human Givens Theory. With a focus on understanding fundamental human needs, the Human Givens Theory provides a holistic framework for designing spaces that align with the psychological well-being of individuals. Lisa’s expertise will bring valuable insights into how workplace design can incorporate elements that cater to the essential emotional and psychological requirements of employees.

Come along to explore strategies and insights on building a work environment that amplifies productivity, and nurtures your peoples’ happiness and overall job satisfaction. The discussion will encompass psychological components, examining both theoretical and empirical aspects of workspaces.

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders aiming to enrich the innovative culture of their workplaces.
  • Professionals in workplace design and management.
  • Academics and researchers interested in the intersection of design, well-being, and innovation.

We hope you can join us!

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Rob Day

Chairman & Founder