28th Apr 2017

Blueprint’s Top Tips For Writing Your Chamber Business Award Entry

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It’s that time of year again. The 2017 East Midlands Chamber Business Awards are open for entry. Celebrating business success across the East Midlands, the Chamber Business Awards can bring many of benefits to your business.

This includes increasing your credibility, motivating your employees and giving your business a competitive advantage. The awards are also a great opportunity to connect and raise your profile with other businesses across the region.With selected winners being put forward to the national British Chambers of Commerce Awards, your business could also achieve national recognition for your achievements.

Not only are we proud to sponsor the 2017 Chamber Business Awards, but our Managing Director Rob Day has become a part of the prestigious judging panel.Helping you make the most of your entry, Rob has shared his top tips for writing the perfect entry.

1. Understand your category

Before you write a single word, take the time to understand your category. This year, there are 12 categories that you could apply for.

Think: Is the category you are entering right for your business? Is there another category that might suit you better? Don’t waste valuable time applying for a category that is wrong for your business. By reading and understanding the guidelines and criteria, you can make sure you apply to the right category.This will also ensure that you are correctly following the rules. Don’t accidently disqualify your business by not reading the rules.

2. Keep It Simple

Simple and efficient entries are the key to winning awards. Entries shouldn’t be over the top.

You don’t need to include every example you can think of, just one good one. The word limits are in place for a reason. Don’t go overboard. Keeping it simple is also important for your language. Avoid using complicated language, buzzwords or jargon. Make it clear and easy for the judges to understand why you should win.

3. Prove it

Unfortunately, we can’t take your word for your achievements. The only way to demonstrate your business’ success is through evidence and examples.

Remember to choose your evidence wisely. Don’t try to fill the word count with every example you can think of. Instead, choose the best examples and use the space to truly explain them in detail.

4. Use visual data

Visual data like tables and graphs are a great way to show off your success.

Presenting information in a visual way makes it easier for the readers to see and understand your success. It’s also a great way of saving on your word count. Make sure you check the guidelines before submitting these images.

5. Make yourself unique

What sets your business apart from others? Why do you deserve to win?

Your entry should answer these questions. When reading your entries, the judges will be looking for reasons why they should pick your company over others. Make sure they find those reasons and use your application to show why you deserve this award.

6. Look to the future

Your business is not a one-trick pony. The judges want to know not only what you have achieved, but also how you will continue your success.

Your application needs to outline your vision for the future of your business. Use the space to highlight your key objectives and talk about the future impact of these actions.

7. Read it carefully

One of the simplest and most important tips to follow is to carefully read your application. Read it, and read it again.

Then give it to a colleague to read. Ensure that you haven’t made any mistakes or missed an important piece of information. Mistakes like this could lower your business’ esteem and cost you the award. A fresh pair of eyes on your entry might spot the things you missed. It could even point you in the right direction for improvements and add extra value to your application.


The 2017 East Midlands Chamber Awards are an excellent opportunity for your business. With the entry deadline of 19 May fast approaching, there’s no better time to start your entry following our top tips. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and apply today!


Rob Day

Chairman & Founder