6th Mar 2023

Team Spotlight: Kate – Project Designer

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It’s time to go behind the scenes once again as we bring you another team spotlight. This month, it’s our Project Designer, Kate Bennett, here to tell you about herself, her role, and life at Blueprint Interiors.

Tell us a little bit about your role

As a Project Designer, I’m involved with clients right from the early stages of a project until fit out and then handover. In my role, I work with other team members to get the initial brief, then create client presentations to show design schemes and inspiration. I also produce 3D models which show our clients what their new office will actually look like. Sample packages of materials go alongside presentations and mock-ups to bring the design to life even more. Speaking to our clients throughout the project maintains good client relationships.

What has been your favourite project to be a part of?

I’ve been a part of the Blueprint Interiors team for just shy of a year now and I’ve been involved in a lot of projects with various different members of the team. My experience in commercial interior design extends right the way from retail and hospitality to residential, and an early stage project that I’m enjoying at the moment is for a well-known food business. The client is looking at their office space, but also looking toward developing its canteens. This means I’m drawing on my hospitality design experience for that, which is great.

What is your favourite part about working at Blueprint Interiors?

It’s the team. The team here are really supportive and that’s really important to me. We also get to work on a variety of different projects as well which is interesting. The projects are so diverse that it’s just a great learning opportunity.

What is your favourite area of WorkLife Central?

It has a nice feeling in the office, and we’re spoilt with the showroom. There are lots of different places where you can go and work and choose how to spend your time.

I prefer to stay at the main anchor desk in the office that has dual screens as it’s where all the hubbub happens. But when it’s time to focus, I like going upstairs to the height-adjustable desk.

What is your favourite part of the fit-out process?

Obviously, I would have to say the design aspect, but my favourite part is the specification stage when all our ideas begin to really come together. At this stage, we’re presenting our ideas to the client through presentations and 3D models.

Our Define Stage sets us up for that which means we’re not going in blind. But I love getting my head into a 3D model and seeing the design become reality.

What is the best lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

Transparency and honesty go a long way with clients, but also with your own team as well, helping a project to run more smoothly. I’m trying to learn that we’re all human and mistakes happen from time to time. But it’s how we manage those mistakes that is important.

What’s a fun fact about you that people might not know?

I have auditioned and applied for two quiz shows. I got through two audition stages for Winning Combination and because I was semi-successful in applying, I applied to some others including Moneyball.

I was thinking to myself that they probably want some really good people and some not-so-good people and I fall into the latter, so I thought why not apply? My general knowledge isn’t too good, but I want to be that person that goes on the telly and by a pure fluke wins loads of money!

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Kate Bennett

Project Designer