4th Jan 2023

Our Top 4 2023 Office Working Trend Predictions

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As is tradition, approaching the new year at Blueprint Interiors means looking ahead to the trends and tools that we believe will define the next 12 months of office and hybrid working.

A reflection of 2022

This year, the challenge which started off as Covid retreated, and we saw the general return to the workplace.

In 2022, businesses were asking what the office is for, but a year on, they now have strong evidence that these physical spaces need to provide the core resource to encourage and support the cultural behaviours that give great organizations the competitive edge in terms of recruitment, retention and a fully engaged workforce.

Last year, my colleague, Chloe, predicted that business owners will be questioning how much office space they are going to need and identifying how their people will want to work, as the work-from-home trend becomes widely accepted.

This is resolving into the recognition that the simplistic notion of offices as “accommodation at desks” is not now (and never really was), the best use of office space. We are focused on providing our clients with much more activity-based workplaces that deliver the required levels of both visual and acoustic privacy, IT support, welfare and social facilities. All of which deliver cultural enrichment and efficiencies that inevitably lead to measurable business improvement.

Predictions for 2023

So, what exactly can we expect in 2023? Our Chairman & Founder, Rob Day, penned his predictions.

  1. Integrated technology and flexibility

The integration of collaborative technology continues apace – everyone knows how to use Teams, but importantly, they now know its limitations.

Using the right tools at the right time and in the appropriate place allows for great flexibility and indeed, better opportunities to tackle business objectives. That’s why I expect us to see more businesses looking for more innovative tech solutions in their workplace to aid collaboration and creativity.

  1. Sustainability

Gone are the days of buy, use, discard. For 2023, I expect we’ll see an increasing theme of sustainability. One reason for this is likely to be down to the cost-of-living crisis and recession. We’re expecting everyone will become a lot more frugal, but that doesn’t mean skimping out on the essentials.

Sustainability could mean energy-efficient LED lighting, upcycled furniture, meeting new standards such as the WELL Building Standard, or the use of natural light and sustainable materials within the office design. This means championing the quality of your environment and wellbeing of building occupants. Improving the quality of water, light and air is a big factor in this, so we will see more designs incorporating these aspects in 2023.

  1. A workplace to thrive, not just survive

The workplace is becoming understood as an environment for people – real human beings – to thrive, rather than something for employees to survive. I rather like the image of the old-fashioned office as a daily assault course to be endured. Let’s see the end of that!

  1. Wellness and wellbeing taking the spotlight

The realisation that a well-designed workplace delivers a far wider range of resources in terms of physical and mental wellbeing is a trend to be welcomed in the New Year.

Companies have realised that to enable true agile working, they must cater to not only the physical environment for their employees but their mental one, too. We hope to see the trend of wellbeing as a priority in the workplace continue well into the new year and beyond.

Understand how to build a people-focused office space

Starting off with a workplace consultation can help you discover not only what your business needs, but what your team need, too. Asking questions and gaining feedback can help you find out what they need to work at their best.

At Blueprint Interiors, we’re committed to being a people-focused company in every way. By designing and creating people-first office spaces that foster strong, healthy and collaborative teams, you can be prepared for whatever comes your way in the year ahead.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help create a bespoke workplace that’s built to your needs.


Rob Day

Chairman & Founder