3rd Feb 2020

R+R: Networking, But Not

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It’s no secret that our team love a get-together. Especially when it involves doing something a little bit different.

So we’ve decided to make ‘doing something a bit different’ something that happens on a regular basis by organising some open, non-formal events where business people from across our region can get together and enjoy some ‘R+R’.

What is R+R?

Well, it’s what we’ve just described. It’s like networking, but not. By our definition, R+R means relationships and reciprocation. See what we did there?

Rather than work being the main topic of conversation, we want people to come together to get to know each other better – as people, not employees.

Of course, it may be that business ends up happening through the connections you make at R+R events, but it’s not the reason we want people to turn up. Instead it should be a fun time to relax away from the office!

What sorts of activities will you be putting on?

Before Christmas we did a little tester of the R+R concept with a Christmas dinner. And of course, it was fantastic as we’re shouting about it now!

But in future, our events will range from bowling to escape rooms to golf. And we’re open to suggestions – the more creative the idea the better.

When’s the next event?

We’ve yet to confirm a date for the next R+R gathering, but if you want to be the first to know about our next get together, drop an email to charlotte@blueprintinteriors.com and we’ll be sure to send you an update when we’ve planned it in.


Rachel Biddles

Operations Director