11th Apr 2023

Great Coffee: The Secret Ingredient to Office Happiness?

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If you’re a coffee lover (like us), then you probably know that a good cup of joe at the right time does wonders for your mood and productivity. It’s no wonder that we drink an estimated 98 million cups of coffee in the UK every day!

But did you know that having great coffee in the workplace can actually increase happiness and motivation among your team too?

So, grab your favourite mug and let’s talk coffee in the workplace.

Coffee and productivity

We all know that coffee contains caffeine, which improves brain function, including memory, mood, and reaction time. This means that a good cup of coffee can help you focus and stay alert, even during those mid-afternoon slumps.

However, it’s important to note that drinking too much caffeine can have negative side effects such as anxiety and jitters. So, strike a balance and offer coffee in moderation to avoid negative effects.

Coffee brings people together

Coffee breaks and shared coffee machines are a staple of office life. But if you invest in higher-quality coffee, you can promote a positive coffee culture. While it may seem a bit basic, the bi-product of doing this is what really matters.

Inviting coffee areas foster a sense of community and socialisation at work. If there are good facilities, it encourages people to form healthy habits like taking breaks and gives them a chance to connect with colleagues. This is a great way to increase collaboration, improve communication, and create a more positive work environment overall.

It’s these added ‘perks of the job’ that means you’re more likely to retain people and increase job satisfaction.

Good coffee shows people you care

There’s nothing worse than a bad cup of coffee when you just want the comfort of a tasty one during a busy day. So if you’re offering the cheapest, most bitter coffee to your employees, it gives the kind of impression that you’re not bothered about them.

Studies have shown that employees who feel appreciated and valued are more likely to stay with their employer and report higher levels of job satisfaction. So, by investing in something as simple as high-quality coffee, you can show your team that you care about their wellbeing and appreciate their hard work.

This is why we partner with 200 Degrees Coffee to supply our clients break-out areas, cafés and restaurants. They are award-winning, independent speciality coffee roasters, purveyors of distinctive coffee shops, and unashamedly proud to be coffee geeks. There are now 18 200 Degrees Coffee shops, six barista schools in the UK, as well as hundreds of happy wholesale and business customers enjoying their ‘beans and machines’.

Commenting, Will Kenney, said, “At 200 Degrees Coffee we’ve really enjoyed partnering with Blueprint Interiors to help deliver their client’s vision for beautifully curated office spaces. Great coffee is such a key part of any successful workplace and this is an example of the human-centric approach the Blueprint Interiors team take when creating environments with all of those important touch points considered.”

But… it’s not all about coffee

There are, of course, other ways to foster happiness such as flexible work hours, healthy snacks, and a comfortable and agile workspace.

Flexible work hours can improve work-life balance and allow employees to work when they’re most productive. Healthy snacks can improve overall health and wellbeing, leading to increased happiness and productivity. And a comfortable and agile workspace can reduce stress and promote creativity.

There’s plenty more on this across our blog content.

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Chloe Sproston

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