11th Jan 2021

Ensuring Employees Thrive in the Remote Working World: I.T’s Golden Opportunity

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It’s no secret that here at Blueprint Interiors, we’re passionate about creating workspaces that inspire people to be happier, more motivated, and more productive. And recently we’ve received some great news!

Our Chairman & Founder, Rob Day, has been personally invited to take part in a private, virtual roundtable event being held in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce and Virgin Media Business. The event, which will take place on Friday 22nd January, will focus on ensuring employees thrive in the remote working world.

Employee experience and engagement are both very much under the spotlight at the moment. Working from home has brought benefits, such as an initial outburst of productivity, as well as offering employees greater flexibility. But with new lockdown restrictions, we’re now entering a period of remote working fatigue which brings cultural and commercial challenges.

Businesses and their IT decision-makers must think about how they can use technology to maintain collaboration, productivity, security and a positive culture despite a distributed workforce. This will be crucial not just to meeting new employee expectations, but to driving customer acquisition and fuelling business growth.

Rob will be taking part in this roundtable discussion with other owners of SMEs and together they will be discussing the role of technology in overcoming these challenges. The forum will focus on some specific talking points such as:

  • The future of the office space and challenges IT leaders face with a distributed workforce
  • The role of IT in sustaining culture, as small businesses shift towards hybrid working models
  • Protecting SMEs from cyber-attacks that could undermine both the employee and customer experience
  • The knock-on effects employee experiences can have on the customer journey

The intention is that participants will leave with a clear sense of what they need to do to boost productivity and collaboration over the long term, as well as new ideas about the role of the IT function in business success.

Having taken part in the session, we will undoubtedly be bringing you Rob’s feedback and advice on how you can begin to tackle some of these issues in your business. Watch this space!


Rachel Biddles

Operations Director