3rd Mar 2022

3 Government incentives to support the cost of your office refurbishment

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We very firmly believe that a workspace that supports your peoples’ needs is one of the most valuable investments that a company can make.

We also understand that committing to the cost of an office refurbishment can be a daunting decision. But there are a handful of government incentives that can make the process a little easier on the wallet. Here are a few of them:

Super Deduction Tax Break (SDTB)

The super-deduction tax break allows businesses to claim back 130% of costs for new equipment against their taxable profits.

The SDTB applies on qualifying purchases until 31st March 2023, and applies to both SMEs and larger businesses.

Equipment that the SDTB allows you to claim against includes:

  • Desks and office chairs
  • Computers, computer equipment, and servers
  • Solar panels
  • Electric vehicle charging points
    …and more.

Take a look at our previous blog post for some more information on the tax break.


Energy Capital Allowance for Green Technology

Name a piece of technology, and the chances are there’s been a recent development which greatly improves the energy efficiency of that product. This is why the government is currently running incentives to encourage businesses to invest in newer, greener technology.

The Energy Capital Allowance Scheme allows businesses to claim back 100% first-year tax relief on purchases of certain qualifying products.

The ECA scheme covers purchases such as:

  • Boiler equipment
  • HVAC systems
  • Hand dryers
  • Lighting
  • Certain thermal/insulation systems

…and more.

If you want to learn a little more about the ECA scheme, take a look at our previous blog on how to claim them in your fit out.


Landfill Tax Savings

Now, while this isn’t necessarily a government incentive, it is a great way to potentially save money on your taxes by doing something great for the environment… recycling!

We’ve raved on about the importance of recycling plenty of times over the years. But while saving the planet is already a plenty good enough reason to start recycling your waste, it turns out it can actually save you money.

Currently, the landfill tax rate is £96.70 per tonne of waste, and this can quickly add up! But by recycling a large portion of your waste, you can massively reduce the amount heading to the landfill. So the next time you’re thinking about throwing away old office furniture, consider recycling it instead.


Want to claim tax reductions on your office fit out?

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Rob Day

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