4th Sep 2020

Great news! We’re looking for four new people to join our team

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Great news! We’re currently on the lookout for four new people to join our team.

Despite the temporary pause in projects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, based on current orders and enquiries in the pipeline, we’re still projecting year end revenue to reach £5m as planned.

Our Chairman and Founder, Rob Day, said, “We’re looking to recruit four new people because we’re confident in our strategic approach and confident our message will resonate with office owners who are now facing up to the realities of how offices of the future will need to be re-designed to adapt to demand and new ways of working.”

The positions we’re looking to fill include a Head of Delivery, Technical Designer, Senior Business Development Professional and Bid Manager.

The strength of our pipeline means we need a Head of Delivery to be responsible for ensuring our contracts run smoothly and deliver the required profitability. These increased outputs will mean that extra capacity is required in the design team too.

And to ensure we stay on track to achieve next years’ target, we’re making further investment in marketing by recruiting a BD professional with experience of consultative selling. As well as a Bid Manager to ensure our marketing effort results in converted proposals.

These new additions follow our latest hire – Client Services Director, Mike McKeown. Mike is an experienced workplace design professional and was part of the team behind Paragon Interiors during its successful growth period.

Mike said, “Over the coming months there will be very few company board agendas that won’t have office space as a discussion item. After staff, workspace is the second biggest overhead, so Directors will be thinking critically about the actual amount of space they now need and how their employees can be provided with agile working options that both increase productivity and create a happy and motivated workplace. Whilst the size of office space may reduce, we anticipate there to be a huge demand for workplace consultancy to ensure space is designed for the hybrid ways in which people will be using it.”

For a long time now, we’ve championed the ethos that the dynamics and rationale for workplaces is changing, and now COVID-19 has shown this theory to be true. Companies that had adopted agile working practices prior to lockdown were better able to adapt quickly to work from home and they’ve also been the first ones to get people back into the office. Very little had to be changed physically in these agile workspaces to get teams back safely and comply with Government guidelines.

In a final comment, Rob said, “The pace of change in office design is now accelerating as the Government and businesses become more desperate to get the economy moving by getting people back in to workplace. The important factor is that the phrase ‘new normal’ is defeated because this never will, and never should, mean people coming back to work wearing face masks or having to erect screens or alter desks in order to social distance. When refunctioning the workplace of the future, it should mean providing spaces that represent the needs of the people using them and enables them to work at their best and in their preferred style.”


Rob Day

Chairman & Founder