29th May 2019

Blueprint Hosts Good for Business Event at WorkLife Central

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We were delighted to host 24 visitors at WorkLife Central on Friday 25th May for the most recent of the East Midlands Chamber’s Good for Business events.

As with all of these events, it was a fantastic opportunity for networking with like-minded people, and a chance for the Chamber to give a better understanding of the resources and advice they can provide to their members.

People came from all over Leicestershire and it was a morning full of engaged discussion, collaboration, and refreshment of course!

Our Chairman and Founder, Rob, spoke about Blueprint’s own experiences as a Chamber member, and now Patron, and about our ethos in delivering beautifully functional, people-focussed workplaces.

We also shared the impact of the £16k Digital Technology Growth grant that the Chamber helped us to obtain. It allowed us to showcase our technology offering and emphasise its importance in the process of creating better workspaces, with our own offices at WorkLife Central becoming an exemplar of this. We’re now able to assist our own clients with the same grant application to help them fund the sort of tech that we design into our workplaces – one of the most important elements in creating an agile space!

Our team thoroughly enjoyed sharing their knowledge with people from other local organisations too.

We’re now looking forward to the next Good for Business Leicestershire event in September. There are more events across the East Midlands in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire too, and you can find out more about these on the Chamber’s website.


Rob Day

Chairman & Founder